10 Tourist Attractions That Must Be Visited by First Time Travelers to Bali

Why do I need a vacation on the island of Bali? A question we often receive from foreign tourists who have never been on holiday in Bali. That’s okay because you need careful calculations before travelling far and the costs may not be small.

If you have never been to Bali, we recommend planning a trip there. Why? Because Bali is one of the most famous tourist attractions in the world. Bali has beautiful nature, unique arts and community activities bound by noble cultural values.

The following is a list of tourist attractions to visit in Bali, which are very popular and are always a priority for tourists to see when they first vacation to the island of Bali.


1. Tanah Lot Temple

Photo: Google.Maps/SBP Bagus Painting


When you go on vacation to Tanah Lot temple, you will find a temple on a large rock with a background of the southern sea. This large rock is in the middle of the ocean. Then, at high tide, the stone looks separated from the mainland.

The main attraction of the Tanah Lot temple is the beautiful sunset view, with the silhouette of the Tanah Lot temple. Combined with the southern ocean, waves crash on the rocks. At this moment, you will see many tourists who will take photos with the background of the Tanah Lot temple.


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2. Kintamani Lake & Mount Batur View

Photo: Google.Maps/Korniawan Prabowo


Tourist attractions located in the highlands are Kintamani. The altitude of the Kintamani area is about 1,500 meters above sea level, so the air in the Kintamani area is very cool.

Furthermore, the main attraction for holiday tourists to Kintamani is seeing the view of Lake Batur and the view of Mount Batur. There are many locations to see Lake Batur and Mount Batur views. The favourite spot to see the picture of Mount and Lake Batur is in Penelokan village.

Most tourists while looking at Mount Batur and Lake Batur in Penelokan village, while enjoying a buffet lunch at the Grand Puncak Sari Kintamani restaurant.


3. Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul

Photo: Google.Maps/Sushrut SK


If you have seen a photo of a temple that looks like it is in the middle of a lake, the name of this tourist spot is Pura Ulun Danu Beratan Bedugul.

Ulun Danu Temple, located on Lake Beratan, is in the Bedugul tourist area. According to Wikipedia, the location of Lake Beratan Bedugul is at an altitude of 1200 meters above sea level. Therefore, the air around the Ulun Danu Beratan temple area is very cool.


4. Kuta Beach

10 Tourist Attractions That Must Be Visited by First Time Travelers to Bali
Photo: Google.Maps/Yossie Harnowo

Kuta beach attractions will always be included in the list of tourist attractions to visit on the island of Bali for tourists who are on vacation to Bali for the first time. Several main things make Kuta beach crowded with tourists. For example, offering white sand beaches with a very long stretch of coastline and views of the sunset.

Then, the waves at Kuta beach are pretty large and suitable for beginner surfing activities. If you want to swim with children, your child must always be under adult supervision.

The main activity of tourists while on vacation to Kuta beach is sitting on the beach, swimming, sightseeing, and watching the sunset. Due to the high interest of tourists on holiday to Kuta beach, almost every day there will be traffic jams on the highway around Kuta beach.

In addition to the attractiveness of white sand beaches, tourism facilities around the Kuta tourist area are very complete. You will easily find accommodation, places to eat, shopping malls, transportation and nightclubs.


5. Tanjung Benoa Beach

Photo: Google.Maps/Chih Hsien Chiu


Most tourists who vacation to Tanjung Benoa beach participate in Tanjung Benoa water sports activities. There are many Bali water sports activities available on Tanjung Benoa beach. Such as parasailing, jet ski, banana boat, rolling donut, snorkelling and many other choices.


6. Uluwatu Temple

10 Tourist Attractions That Must Be Visited by First Time Travelers to Bali
Photo: Google.Maps/Tony Tonev


Uluwatu Temple has always been a popular tourist spot for first-time tourists to the island of Bali. Exciting things that tourists can see at Uluwatu temple include:

• The temple’s location is at the top of a high cliff, with a cliff height of about 70 meters above sea level.
• The unique architecture of the temple.
• There are many long-tailed macaques around the temple area, such as the monkeys in Monkey Forest Ubud.
• From the top of the cliff, tourists can see the view of the Indian Ocean.
• Towards sunset, tourists can watch the sunset view of the Indian Ocean from the top of the cliff without any obstacles.
• The location for watching the most famous Kecak Api dance on the island of Bali.


7. Bali Safari Marine Park

10 Tourist Attractions That Must Be Visited by First Time Travelers to Bali
Photo: Google.Maps/Tourist Attraction


Suppose you are on a family vacation to the island of Bali with children. In that case, you must visit the Bali Safari & Marine Park tourist attractions. Bali Safari & Marine Park is a zoo with an extensive area, about 400,000 square meters.

Furthermore, the uniqueness of Bali Safari & Marine Park, every type of animal roams freely in a large area. Because the place is vast, visitors can see the animals directly, so visitors will ride a safari vehicle. This activity is known as the Safari Journey.


8. Seminyak

Photo: Google.Maps/Giovanni


The Seminyak tourism area is famous as a luxury tourism area and a luxury shopping centre on the island of Bali. In the tourist area of Seminyak, you will easily find luxury restaurants, luxury resorts, boutiques, beach clubs, and spas.

The completeness of these facilities makes the Seminyak tourist area one of the popular tourist destinations on the island of Bali.

The location of the Seminyak tourism area is very strategic because it is close to the tourist area of ​​Kuta and the tourist area of Canggu.


9. Tegalalang Rice Terrace

Photo: Google.Maps/Olivier Dominichini


In addition to white sand beaches, Bali tourism is also famous for having many terraced rice fields. There are two famous terraced rice fields tourism objects in Bali. Namely, Jatiluwih terraced rice fields and Tegalalang terraced rice fields.

Because the Tegalalang terraced rice fields are close to the centre of the Ubud Bali tourism area, the Tegalalang terraced rice fields are more visited by tourists.


10. Ubud Monkey Forest

Photo: Google.Maps/Sophia Lin


Ubud tourist attractions have many holiday objects and holiday activities, such as Ayung Rafting. Of the many tourist attractions in Ubud, Ubud Monkey Forest has always been a favourite tourist spot for tourists who first vacation to the island of Bali.

Exciting things that tourists can see while on vacation to Monkey Forest Ubud such as;

Protected forest area with very tall trees.
Tourists can see long-tailed macaques.
In the Ubud Monkey Forest area, there is a temple.

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